What is Legacy Management and Planning?


Comprehensive Legacy Management and Planning (CLMP) involves the creation, growth, protection, management and distribution of your life’s work by utilizing the proper legal documents and services.  Your life’s work includes everything that you have acquired, created and developed over your lifetime- in short, your legacy.  Your legacy includes the assets, liabilities, relationships, duties, good will, aspirations and desires of your life.   The major goals of CLMP are to:

  • Create a measurable estate…
  • Organize your estate in an understandable fashion…
  • Protect your estate from erosion (in the form of depreciation, creditor’s claims, lawsuits, taxes, fees, divorce, expenses, inflation, death, disability, bad habits, accidents and loss, to name just a few)…
  • Grow your estate at an acceptable rate…
  • Distribute your estate in the way that you see fit and with the least possible delay…
  • Leave an impression on the world that represents how you would like to be remembered…

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